[Download PDF:                  ] July, 2009

    Article by Susan Korah, Adrianna Bora, and Mike Lowe. A profile of MEND director Lucy Nusseibeh after she
    attended the 2009 Caux Forum for Human Security as a panelist. See also an audio recording of Lucy
    addressing the panel on the topic of 'Deepening Cultural Dialogue and Understanding'.

[Download PDF:                  ] July, 2009

    Article by Lucy Nusseibeh. Lucy Nusseibeh writes about the fundamental importance of a growth in inter-
    cultural understanding and respect in order to achieve a resolution of innumerable global and regional
    challenges in the context of her work as the director of MEND. She posits the idea that the growth hinges on
    our readiness to deal with past wrongs and seeks to determine what strategies will encourage this growth.

[Download PDF:                  ] September, 2009

    Article by Lucy Nusseibeh. This article seeks to evaluate Palestinian methods and possibilities for
    resistance to occupation with particular emphasis on civil resistance and the role of the public.

[Download PDF:                  ] February 4th, 2009

    Article by Lucy Nusseibeh for Open Democracy. This article examines why the Gaza conflict (Operation
    Cast Lead) of 2008-2009 has failed to achieve the goal of improving Israeli security. It then proposes four
    lessons that must be learned in the wake of the conflict: 1) demilitarising minds; 2) creating reciprocity and
    dignity; 3) overcoming fear and victimhood; 4) forging human connections

[Download PDF:                  ] November, 2008

    Presentation by Lucy Nusseibeh to the 'Annapolis One Year Later Conference'. This presentation explores
    the extent to which our perceptions, or more accurately, our misperceptions, may be contributing to the lack
    of progress since Annapolis, and whether perhaps by paying attention to these we can find a new opening
    for a way forward in the peace process.

[Download PDF:                  ] December, 2008

    Article by Lucy Nusseibeh. Reframing “security” as “human security” can clear the path for a genuine search
    for peace.

[Download PDF:                  ] 2004

    Article by Diana Francis. Notes on one person's understanding of nonviolence, based on the thoughts,
    writings and experiences of many – especially the work of Jean and Hildegard Goss-Mayr.

[Download PDF:                  ] 2003

    Article by Lucy Nusseibeh. This article traces the history of womens involvement in nonviolent actions within
    the Palestinian national struggle and examines the critical role they could play in bringing about a viable
    Palestinian state in the future.

[Download PDF:                  ]

    Article by _______.This article examines the futility of militant resistance within the Palestinian national
    struggle and outlines the case for active nonviolence.

[Download PDF:                  ] 2004

    Report by the Truman Institute. This report examines the impact of the First and Second Intifadas on Israeli
    society, paying particular attention to public perception and media coverage with regards to Palestinian non-
    violent actions.